Excellence in Routine and Science


LKB is an ISO 9001 Cerified Company dedicated to supply, production, distribution and the customer service of  Life Science as well as in Routine Medical Diagnostics.

Our products are well known for excellent quality, up-to-date technology and  validations standards. We ensure technical  expertise and flexibility in our sales/service  team  in order to maximize our customer satisfaction.

Life Sciences:
Electrophoresis Chemicals & Instrumentation, Chromatography Chemicals & Systems, Molecular Biology, PCR, Cell Biology, DNA Sequencing & Fragment Analysis, Micro Arrays, Gel and Blot Imaging & Analysis, Protein Purification, Spectrophotometers, Process Systems for Pharmaceutical Industry.

Clinical Diagnostics:
Clinical Electrophoresis Systems & Tests, DELFIA Systems with Tests for Endocrinology & Tumours markers, Gamma & Beta Counters, Multi-label Readers, Allergy and Autoimmunity  Systems & Tests,  Microbiology, ELISA tests, Micro Plate Readers & Accessories, Centrifuges, General Laboratory equipment.